For Refugee Week 2021 (14-20 June) we are calling on the creative people of Shropshire: Visual Artists, Crafters, Writers, Poets, Musicians & Actors to contribute something to our 'real-life' events (Covid-19 rules permitting) during the week and on this website that connect with this year’s national refugee week theme

 We can not Walk Alone and our response We Walk Together.


Call for Creative Contributions

Kindness compassion and solidarity are what this year’s Shropshire Refugee Week 2021 - ‘We Walk Together’ is about. Here in Shropshire, we want to spread the message loud and proud, in as many creative, bold, and beautiful ways that we can.

Maybe you already have a piece of work that you have done that reflects these aspects of humanity, or maybe you have an idea of an installation, a painting, drawing, film, or a dance! All mediums are welcome, including poetry, writing or photography.

Due to the ongoing impacts and uncertainty COVID19 - the deadline for content will be open through to the end of June - although naturally we would to receive proposals and content asap before 10th June, so that we can have this year's new fresh content on the website and included in the events listings.

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Why not take a look at the national Refugee week Website for Inspiration.

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For more information on how you can take part in Shropshire Refugee Week or to let us know about something you would like to contribute please email:


We are also inviting everyone to do one or more of the Simple Acts.

These can all done at home, inspired by the theme ‘We can not Walk Alone' and our respond

'We Walk Together'

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Simple Acts are everyday actions we can all do to stand with refugees and make new connections in our communities. You will be joining a big, creative, collective movement across the UK imagining a better world. Imagination is how change begins.


Look at the national Refugee Week website for some ideas you can try.

To let us know about the Simple Acts that you will undertake as part of Shropshire Refugee Week please email:


Call for Kids and Youth to take part

Kindness, caring, being fair and looking out for to others are all behaviours that should be treasured, valued and rewarded with praise and recognition in our counties kids and youth.

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Maybe you, your family or class would be like to do something for Shropshire Refugee Week to welcome people how have settled here and share friendship.
A painting or drawing 
A poem or a short story.
A song or game you'd like to share.

The national Refugee Week website has resources for Kids and Youth.


To send or share with us something that you will undertake as part of Shropshire Refugee Week please email: