Refugee Week ~ Artworks

In June 2019 Amanda Jayne Jones invited artist and arts-coordinator

Niki Holmes of Participate Contemporary Artspace (PCA) and Arts Emphasis to curate an exhibition of visual and media arts at the PCA gallery in Ravens Meadow, Shrewsbury.


The response from the local creative community was empathetic and emphatic.  The exhibition was well received by the public audience that attended the launch private view and the exhibition run.

Yet again the creative community has generously supported Shropshire Refugee Week and have also inspired the local community to express their thoughts about imagining the plight and promise of the refugees living here in Shropshire and elsewhere through imagery.


We hope that seeing these Artworks will provide an interesting range of angles through which to consider and celebrate the lives of refugees and migrants across the world.


Jill Impey 

Clouds I Shrewsbury, Charles Darwin.jpg
Clouds IV Plymouth MA, USA.jpg
Clouds II Plymouth Hoe, UK .jpg
Clouds III Plymouth MA, USA.jpg

Four images from from the Artist's Cloud Series ~ 2020


Clouds I Shrewsbury, Charles Darwin

USA - Clouds IV, Plymouth MA, USA

Clouds II, Plymouth Hoe,

UK, Clouds III, Plymouth MA,

Oil on pre-printed postcards, 

each 148 x 210 mm

Dream it Possible

A refugee family resettled in Shropshire 

Dream it Possible   


Video Montage

created in InshOt

(music by Jane Zhang)


Ian Steventon

Shropshire by Ian Steventon (1)
Shropshire by Ian Steventon (2)
Shropshire by Ian Steventon (3)
Shropshire by Ian Steventon (4)

Each one of these works was painted from the Artists imagination and represents aspects of the Shropshire landscape as he  see them.  They represent our belonging to the earth and responding to the surrounding landscape.


They are his interpretation of the beauty all around us. Also, to the artist they represent a sense of what is within each of us and what brings us all together, as we become one with and belong to the land in which we live, as much as the land of our birth.

Care without Borders

Sue Challis

Care without Borders   


Oil on aluminium,

24.5cms x 24.5cms


Sharon Griffins

Sharon Griffin - Journey
"Thinking of you " Stoneware ceramic head of a girl with a flower in her hair.  French limestone base  by Sharon Griffin
"Thinking of you " Stoneware ceramic head of a girl with a flower in her hair.  French limestone base  by Sharon Griffin

Thinking of you         2020

25cm h
Stoneware ceramic head of a girl

with a flower in her hair.
French limestone base.

Journey   2019



@ 55cm x 20cm

This work being raffled.  

Tickets are £5. Proceeds going 50/50 to -

Shropshire Supports Refugees

and Black Lives Matters 

Art by A.H - A Shropshire Syrian Lad


“The boy representing refugee kids thinking about War, immigration, and future for him and his country.”


" The eye with the hand inside it, representing people who are safe and the fear from Syria is coming out of them."


"The earth remembering itself when it was safe if and clean."


The UN6

Digital Media

The Refugees Progress: Part one

Taking Flight ~War

On these Shores ~Boat

On the Wing ~Camp

Into a New Horizon~Lorry

Digital Montage

The Refugees Progress: Part two

Niki plans to collaborate with Shropshire Syrian and Other resettled people to develop the second part of the series that will depict the experience of people arriving and adapting to life in the UK.

Welcome Lament.jpg

'Welcome for those arriving,

lament for those lost on the way'


Video and Music composition

Bewildered and Bewitched.jpg

Bewildered and Bewitched - Kupu Kupu Malam -

An Onnagata Kami Infests my Forest


Video and Music composition

Shadow Image - 9 by Jamila Wal
Shadow Image - 4 by Jamila Wal
Shadow Image 2 by Jamila Wal
Shadow Image - 10 by Jamila Wa

Shadow Image 9

Shadow Image 4

Shadow Image 2 

Shadow Image 10

Digital Images

Part of Series in preparation for a participation workshop with Shropshire Syrian Families during refugee week


Corax (battering ram)


The Mother


Stained glass with

personal heirlooms

"These are memorial pieces for my mother and her mother. The pieces placed on the frames and aside the designs belonged to my grandmother. She is the lady with the dotted dress and round glasses. The necklace with the photo, belonged to my grandmother. It is a photo of my mother, a little girl, during the WWII.


My grand mother had kept tools that belonged to our ancestor, whose father had found refuge in France coming from Poland, a much bigger country then. It stayed a mystery why he left Poland, and if he was from Poland. His family name is not from Poland. So,


I am not sure where he truly originated from before finding refuge in France. He married a French lady. His son became a glazier decorator. My grandmother unveiled the story and his son' s glass cutting tools the day I had told her I intended to become a stained glass artist. She gave it to me. And I placed the glass cutters along my grandmother portrait. I wanted memorials for my mother and her mother showing the mystery of the ancestor who had chosen to leave a country and find refuge to build a new life. Many of us have refugees roots."


Sohrab Samari

Imagine the World as one Tree.jpg

Imagine the world and all its people

Calligraphy of a Baha'i writing


Calligraphy and Sketchbook showing a flowing development of ideas.