At Shropshire Refugee Week our response is    We Walk Together

Refugee Week 2021'We Cannot Walk Alone’ hopes to encompass and draw attention to these loving, compassionate aspects of human nature which prevail to offering solace and support to the @80 million people* displaced by the conflicts, oppression, and persecution all over the world.

*(bases on 2020 UNHCR figures)        

Since the pandemic lockdowns we all can also appreciate the difference that a kind supportive gesture from a neighbour can bring, a cup of tea at the right time, someone to walk with you and show solidarity.

Knowing that there are people there willing to step-up for you, to share the burden of your sorrows, offering help, advice, practical help, or in more normal times, the comfort a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on or a hug can make all the difference.

SSR SRW2021 We Walk Together~3deep.jpg

If there was ever a time when we could empathise with the isolation experienced by refugees; to be separated from loved ones and dislocated from our everyday life by events outside our control – that time in now.