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Kate Innes

'Poetry of Transformation' Written and read by Kate Innes


'Winter' Written and Performed by Judith Trustman

Ben Wilson

Tasted... written and read by Ben Wilson of Osnosh

Refugee River Song

'Refugee River Song' Written and Performed by Pat Edwards

John Sewell

'Refugee' Written and performed by John Sewell

Michelle Handley

Busker Written by Chris Kinsey read by Michelle Handley

Jean Atkin

Grave digger - Lesbos written and read by Jean Atkin

Refugee Week ~ Poetry Readings.

In June 2019 Amanda Jayne Jones invited local poets to perform their work at an event at the In Good Hands Café in Shrewsbury.


Pat Edwards, poet and organiser of the Welshpool Poetry Festival, gathered a group of local writers, and we had a wonderful evening with a mouthwatering selection of Syrian snacks was provided.


Here we have recordings of local actors and some of the poets themselves reading a selection of these poems as part of Shropshire Imagines.


We hope that hearing these poems will provide an interesting range of angles through which to consider and celebrate the lives of refugees and migrants across the world.

Poetry Readings
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