Shadow Heroes

Jamilia Walker

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Visual Arts for Refugee Week 2020

Local Artist Jamilia Walker has created a arts participation project for Shropshire Refugee Week.


Using digital photograph and card shadow puppets, the children of resettled refugees families in Shropshire will imagine being their own Superhero - with Super Powers, enabling them to overcome adversity and created a better world.

The resulting artworks will be shown here on the Shropshire Refugee Week website and we hope - post Lockdown to have a real space exhibition of the works Participate Contemporary Artspace  in Shrewsbury and other venues in the County.

You to can create your own Hero Shadow.

Open the link below to get a digital activity pack, that photos and send them back to us!

Tuned - In

The Hive

Sampling Music for Refugee Week 2020

As part of Refugee Week and their creative programme Tuned-In,  

Musicians at the Hive in Shrewsbury will be facilitating virtual workshops with Children from resettled refugee families and children from other Shropshire communities as part of a collaborative found sound composition project.

"Found sound," or sampling, is when a musician finds a recording or something that makes noise and adopts it into their music. 

It can be anything from an old song to the sound of someone taking a bite out of an apple.  The options are limitless, some artists have found some incredibly creative sounds to create music with it. 

Here is a video link to a great example of a piece of music entirely created from the sounds of a NYC dry cleaners.

We shall share the music created from the Shropshire Refugee Week Tuned-In workshops here on the website once the project is completed.

Using phone app software you too can also morph sounds and noises into a unique form of music.

For more information on the Tuned-In programme follow the link below:


Kate Innes

Creative Writing for Refugee Week 2020

Imagine – a wonderful change

In this creative writing exercise we are going to be allowing ourselves to go into positive, rewarding, uplifting territory.  That doesn’t mean we deny that terrible and horrendous things are going on, and in some cases have happened to us and people and places we love.


It means that we are giving ourselves a place to go where we are in control of what happens.  We can make good changes. We can meet out justice.


If we think about all the bad things happening, we feel awful if there is nothing that we can do to help make it stop. But, it is very helpful to give ourselves something in fantasy that we can’t have in reality. This helps us all to think more positively and happily about ourselves and the future.  


This technique has been used in fiction from the earliest myths about the Greek gods and the ancient tales in the Arabian Nights – to Roald Dahl in his stories like The Magic Finger (in which selfish people are turned into ducks) – and changing something scary into something ridiculous in JK Rowling’s book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.


In the sovereign territory of your imagination, you can make anything happen – you can make anything change. You can use a supernatural force – like the pagan gods or superheroes we have in popular culture today – or you can use prayer or magic.

Or you can just decide that this is how it is going to be.

Follow the video link above above to learn more about exploring  your own creative writing process as part of Refugee Week Shropshire

Through one little change many other good things result.

So – in this creative writing exercise - don’t worry about being realistic.

Give your imagination plenty of freedom to dream and create a better world.

To receive a digital information pack follow the link below:


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